Hey Kids!
You may use the clipart images from the websites below, so long as you let everyone know where you got the pictures from. It's only fair!
Here are the steps you should follow to add clipart to your student page:
1. First, keep this page open.
2. Open a new TAB at the top of the page. I've circled the spot where you should click on the picture below.
3. Once you've opened a new tab, click on the icon (picture) of the house to the far right. That will take you to the Birmingham Schools page. Now you can navigate to Mrs. Giles' wiki again, and to your own student page.
4. Can you figure out how to make changes to your page? There's a button you have to click. Yes! You are right. It's the EDIT button.
5. Next, go back up to the TAB bar and click on the TAB that says Safe Clipart.
6. You can go to any of the sites on this page.
7. Once you find an image you like, RIGHT CLICK on the image, and select COPY.
8. Then, click back on the TAB for your STUDENT PAGE.
9. After that, click in the white space where you want your picture to go.
10. Then, RIGHT CLICK and select PASTE. Your picture will appear!
11. Next, click back on the other TAB, highlight (click and drag across) the web address for the site where you got the image. Once it is highlighted in blue, RIGHT CLICK on it. Select COPY.
12. Go back to your student page. Click on the white space where you want to put the web address. (You might want to hit the ENTER key on your keyboard to get the flashing cursor line below your image.) RIGHT CLICK and select PASTE to put the web address under your picture.
13. Finally, click on the SAVE button at the top of your wiki page. YOU DID IT! Congratulations!

Have fun decorating your pages!
Love, Mrs. Roettenberger

Discovery Education Clipart

Phil Martin clipart